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Rebecca Dautremer

Born in Gap
Attends the École nationale supérieure des arts décoratifs (ENSAD) of Paris, where her teacher squickly scout her talent and point Rebecca to a career as an illustrator.
She published her first illustration book in 1996 for Gautier-Languereau editions. The first is followed by several other successful books, including a wonderful version of Alice in Wonderland (2010) and the famous Forgotten or unknown Princesses (2004, published in 20 languages, more than one million copies sold worldwide).
Nourishing a passion for photography, her style is unique, characterized by very original points of view and an incredible mastery of gouache and graphite.
The success and quality of her  work, known and admired throughout the world, has allowed her work to overcome the frontiers of the “jeunesse” (illustration for children) universe to touch and also attract adult audiences. Rebecca exhibits regularly in France and in the United States and is appreciated and requested both in illustration and advertising. In fact, her collaborations in this field comprehend famous brands such as Kenzo and Cartier.
Finally lands also in the world of animated films where has been appointed artistic director and the creation of a first feature film, Kerity et la maison des contes (Nat and the secret of Eleonora), premiered at the Annecy festival in 2010. Currently Rebecca is working on a second feature.
– « Le bois dormait »; Testo e illustrazioni: Rebecca Dautremer; Sarbacane (Francia 10/2016)
– « Dautremer et vice-versa »; Testo: Tai-Marc Le thanh; Tishina (Francia 10/2015)
– « Une Bible »; Testo : Philippe Lechermeier; Gautier-Languereau (Francia 11/2011)
– « SOIE »; Testo : Alessandro Baricco; Tishina (Francia 10/2013)
– « Le petit théâtre de Rébecca »; Gautier-Languereau (Francia 11/2011)
– « Alice aux pays des merveilles »; Testo : Lewis Carroll; Gautier-Languereau (Francia 11/2010)
– « Artbook Dautremer »; Testo : Taï Marc Le Thanh; Le Chêne (Francia 11/2009)
– « Swing Café »; Testo : Carl Norac Narateur : Jeanne Balibar; Didier Jeunesse (Francia 11/2009)
– « Carnet secret du Petit Poucet »; Testo : Phillipe Lechermeier; Gautier-Languereau (Francia 11/2009)
– « Elvis »; Testo : Taï-Marc Le Thanh; Gautier-Languereau (Francia 11/2008)
– « Le loup de la 135em »; Testo : Rébecca dautremer / Illustrazioni: Arthur Leboeuf ; Seuil (Francia 02/2008)
– « Nasreddine et son âne »; Testo : Odile Weulersse; Père Castor / Flammarion (Francia 09/2007)
– « Les histoires de Séraphin Mouton »; Testo : Taï-Marc Le Thanh; Gautier-Languereau (Francia 2007/2008)
– « Le grand courant d’air »; Testo : Taï-Marc Le Thanh; Gautier-Languereau (Francia 04/2006)
– « La tortue géante des Galapagos »; Testo e illustrazioni : Rébecca Dautremer; Gautier-Languereau (Francia 11/2006)
– « Cyrano »; Testo : Taï-Marc Le Thanh; Gautier-Languereau (Francia 11/2005)
– « Nasreddine »; Testo : Odile Weulersse; Père Castor / Flammarion (Francia 09/2005)
– « Sentimento »; Testo : Carl Norac; Editions Bilboquet (Francia 04/2005)
– « Princesses oubliées et inconnues »; Testo : Phillipe Lechermeier; Gautier-Languereau (Francia 11/2004)
– « Babayaga »; Testo : Taï-Marc Le Thanh; Gautier-Languereau (Francia 11/2003)
– « Le livre qui vole »; Testo : Pierre Laury; Bilboquet (Francia 10/2003)
– « Je suis petite mais mon arbre est grand »; Testo : Christine Beigel; Magnard jeunsesse (Francia 04/2003)
– « “L’amoureux »; Testo et illustration : rébecca Dautremer; Gautier-Languereau (Francia 02/2003)
– « Les deux mamans de Petirou »; Testo : Jean Vital de Montléon; Gautier-Languereau (Francia 10/2001)
– « Fables de la Fontaine » Poesie; Magnard jeunsesse (Francia 05/2001)
– « Le ciel n’en fait qu’a sa tête » Poesie; Gautier-Languereau (Francia 09/2000)
– « Le géant aux oiseaux »; Testo : Ghislaine Biondi; Gautier-Languereau (Francia 09/2000)
– « Au clair de la terre » Poesie; Gautier-Languereau (Francia 09/1997)
– « La chèvre aux loups »; Testo : Maurice Gennevoix; Gautier-Languereau (Francia 11/1996)

For the first time in Italy an exciting course with the extraordinary illustrator Rebecca Dautremer.

Three days of intense and engaging high-level training. The workshop will also cover issues relating to the technical aspects of the realizazion of an illustration. We will address topics related to the illustrator’s work and how to approach a new image beginning from the starting idea.

Under the guidance and supervision of Rebecca Dautremer participants will be in contact with her personal working methodology and will produce an illustration by putting into practice what they have learned.

The workshop will be held in a very comfortable environment and in contact with nature. 

Each day is divided into two parts: a first part dedicated to the exhibition and demonstration in which Rebecca Dautremer will deal with various topics and a second part devoted to the practice by the students under the supervision of prestigious guest.

– Introduction to the course
– Exposure of the career of the teacher. The first approaches to the profession
– His way of working. concept exercises. How to find the winning idea.
– Realization of a pencil drawing.

– Iter technical work Demonstration illustrator, from the preparation of the sheet to the image in color.
– How to conceive the composition, framing and color harmony according to the teacher’s personal style.
– Coloring illustration made the previous day.

– Detailed exhibitions Exhibitions of the working method of Rebecca Dautremer.
– The relationship between text – image: what links put in place between the text and the illustration and how to extract text from an image to achieve the best effective and expressive.
– Completion illustration Color under the careful supervision of the teacher.
– Final: Book Review.

– Sketching paper
– Pencils.
– New Brushes watercolor. Round tip.
– Gouaches

– Paper Arches Satiné 180 or 300g (size 28x38cm)
– paper tape (4-5 cm wide).

The teacher suggests the students to ring a selection of images that best represent the style and technique of each one so that they can comment on together.

IMPORTANT: Having received a number of well above the double requests for what the author can manage for each workshop program, and since this is an advanced level workshops in agreement and upon the artit’s request, it has been established that will be made a selection of participants.

The selection will be done by professionals, such as:
– Grazia La Padula (illustrator, cartoonist)
– Felideus (Illustrator, colorist, author)
– Clément Lefèvre (illustrator, cartoonist, concept designer)
– Tommaso Bennato (cartoonist)
– Filippo Bosi (president of ACME Grosseto)

To apply for the workshop, prospecting participants must:

1) Send a Pdf file (max 3MB) including 5 drawings as an email attachment, along with the form (which you can download HERE) completed and signed.

2) Mail subject specifying “name and surname: Portfolio for Rebecca Dautremer” (e.g.: Mario Rossi: Portfolio for Rebecca Dautremer)

3) If and only if you had real problems with one of the two dates of the workshop (june 9/10/11 or june 16/17/18), we ask you to indicate your preference in the e-mail.

 You can send your portfolio until March 18 at 12 PM.

WARNING! Only applications sent before the deadline will be accepted.
The e-mails that do not meet all the requirements listed above can expect not taken into account.

On March 27, a list of selected participants will be placed on the site and on the ACME page.
 We will work to contact the selected participants by e-mail to have them in the registration form and all the details for payment.

In case of cancellation of one of the selected there will be a Repechage between the other remaining candidates outside the selection.

– Number of students: Maximum 20 for each date of the workshop

– Cost: € 480 + 10 € VAT incl. (10 € will cover the annual inscription fees to the association. For ACME members the € 10 will not be added)
– Hours: Friday, Saturday and Sunday 10: 00-13: 00 15: 30-18: 30
Workshop provided in French with live translation to Italian

The workshop will take place at the “Fattoria La Principina”

The property is located just 5km from Grosseto.
For those wishing to stay right on the “Fattoria La Principina”, these are the prices in agreement with ACME:
-Double For single use € 60,00 per room per night
-Double / Twin € 90.00 per room per night
-Tripla / Twin with 3rd bed 110,00 per room per night
-Matrimoniale With 3rd and 4th bed (limited availability) € 130,00 per room per night

To book rooms or for any other request, contact the “Fattoria Principina” at this number: +39 0564 400375
or send an e-mail to:

Web site:

To take advantage of the agree rates, participants will have to specify to be the associates ACME taking part in the workshop Rebecca Dautremer workshop.

The rates are VAT 10% inclusive and include breakfast. Stay Tax not included (€ 1.50 per person per night).

During the workshop you will have lunch at the “Fattoria Principina”. The Light lunch buffet (self service) includes: 2 main dishes, mixed vegetables buffet appetized and water for the cost of € 16,00 per person.

Of course, each participant is free to dine where it wants, the important thing is that all recur in the class at the appointed time (15:30).

For those interested in the “Fattoria La Principina” you can also enjoy dinner on site.

The foresee dinner offer includes: 1 starter, 1 main course, dessert and water € 22,00 per person

For those who do not want to spend the night at the “Fattoria Principina”, ACME has an agreement with other hotel in downtown Grosseto.

You can find all the details clicking on  “Le Nostre Convenzioni”

Even in this case, to take advantage of the agreed rates, it will be be necessary to specify to be an ACME associate.

A Shuttle Service (5 euro each way) will be made available by the “Fattoria La Principina” even for participants who choose to stay at other hotels in Grosseto (affiliated or not).

Hotels and Shops have an agreement with our association for accomodation and to buy materials needed for the workshop.

Write to :

All the details under “Rules, cost and Schedule”

For additional details or questions, please contact: