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Katsuya Terada

Born in Okayama Prefecture in 1963.
At the beginning of his career, he works mainly as a cartoonist and illustrator, but his incisive and captivating design will soon lead him to the video games market (“Virtua Fighter” (SEGA)), the character design for movies (“Blood: The last vampire” “), posters and more.
Thanks to these and other collaborations the fame of Katsuya Terada crosses the borders of his country and, to date, his work is known and appreciated all over the world.
In these last years, the artist is mainly dedicated to the realization of personal exhibitions hosted in various galleries, Japanese and international.
His main works are:
– “Saiyukiden – The monkey king” (Shueisha)
– “Dragon girl & Monkey King” (Dark Horse Comics),
– “E o kaite i kite iki hothouse? (a method for living by drawing?) “(Pie International)
– “TeradaKatsuya koko10nen (Terada Katsuya, these 10 years)” (Pie International) catalog of the exhibition held in the Kyoto International Manga Museum.
Every December the Giant Robot gallery in Los Angeles exhibits his original works.

Three days together with master Terada with the aim of creating a character and his/her universe of belonging in a continuous exchange with the artist who will advise and guide the students towards the best creative solution in full respect of each other’s style and ideas.

DAY 1:
– Creation of the overall setting of the universe to which the character belongs.

DAY 2:
– Creation of the character.

DAY 3:
– Realization of an illustration starting from the preparatory studies devised during the first 2 days of the course (character + universe of belonging).
– For those who wish, the artist will be available for a portfolio review.

During the workshop, in addition to following and advising the students, the artist will create a character and the related universe of belonging.

Katsuya Terada will work on Procreate using an Ipad Pro.
Participants will be able to use any instrument that is most congenial to them, both digital and traditional.

The workshop will be held at Hotel “AIRONE“, located in  Via Senese, 35, 58100 Grosseto GR

For those wishing to stay overnight directly at the hotel, or in other facilities affiliated with ACME, you can find all the information by clicking “Le nostre convenzioni”

To make use of the agreements, at the time of booking, you must specify to be associated with ACME.

– Number of students: max 22

– Cost: € 510 + € 10 VAT incl. (€ 10 will cover the annual registration fee for the association If you are already associated, this expense will be subtracted)
– Timetable: Friday, Saturday and Sunday 10: 00-13: 00 15: 30-18: 30

– Bring a friend and you will both be entitled to a discount of 30 euros on the price of the course!

The course will be provided in Japanese, but there will be an interpreting service from Japanese to Italian.

The accommodation facilities and shops affiliated with our association to stay overnight and purchase the necessary materials for our activities at discounted rates.

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